cleaning marble LONDON

All marble needs to be sealed with an impregnating or penetrating sealer, in order to protect the marble from staining, damage, wear and cracking. New marble floors should be cleaned and sealed straight away to avoid costly and unnecessary damage. Similarly old marble floors and surfaces should be cleaned and sealed regularly in order to maintain the life, shine and beauty of the marble. We can not stess enough, how important it is to seal your marble floors; a professional marble tiler or restorer should never leave a marble floor without sealing it properly with a professional use sealer. Marble floors left unsealed are at considerable risk of damage. If you are unsure which sealer to use, please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!
cleaning marbleMarble that has been laid for a while will sometimes develop scratches. This is a common problem, especially in high traffic areas. The only way to remove these scratches  is to use Professional Marble Restoration equipment. The process is called Diamond Polishing, and as the name suggests diamond tipped polishing pads are used to polish the marble back to its original luster. The process will remove the scratches in the marble and return the marble to its original shine. It is a very effective method of restoring marble and will leave the marble looking like it has just been laid. The drawback is the cost. Marble diamond polishing pads are expensive and the process should only be carried out by experienced marble restorers. If you need a quote please contact us.
marble cleaningUnfortunately we are called out more and more regularly to jobs where marble has been laid incorrectly by inexperienced tilers. The result is an uneven surface, which we call lippage. The cost of removing the marble and relaying it is high, mainly due to the fact that the marble will probably break if the tiler attempts to remove it. The only other option is to restore the marble floor. We do this by grinding the marble surface. This in effect will sand down the marble. We then repolish it with diamond pads. Again the process is very effective and will leave the marble floor looking perfect. If the lippage is very severe the marble restorer may recommend another process. The cost and results will depend on the type of marble you have and the severity of the lippage. 
marble cleaningUnfortunately sometimes marble needs to be repaired. We do this using epoxy resins, which we mix and match to the colour of your marble. The repair is then sanded and polished to match the shine of your marble surface. Where appropriate marble dust is used to match the marble. Sealing is very effective in reducing the chances of damage to your marble, so we would recommend ensuring your marble is sealed to help prevent future restoration expenses.
marble cleaningUnfortunately tilers and cleaners sometimes use waxes on the surface of your marble. This is very detrimental to the look and life of your marble. The marble will loose its shine and make it impossible for the marble to breathe. The wax needs to be stripped in order for the stone to breathe and then sealed with an appropriate marble sealer.
If you need a quote for marble cleaning and restoration then please do not hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!