Lippage Removal for marble floors

lippage removal

Removing lippage from incorrectly laid marble

Unfortunately we are called out more and more regularly to jobs where marble has been laid incorrectly by inexperienced tilers. The result is an uneven surface, which we call lippage. The cost of removing the marble and relaying it is high, mainly due to the fact that the marble will probably break if the tiler attempts to remove it. The only other option is to restore the marble floor. We do this by grinding the marble surface. This in effect will sand down the marble. We then repolish it with diamond pads. Again the process is very effective and will leave the marble floor looking perfect. If the lippage is very severe the marble restorer may recommend another process. The cost and results will depend on the type of marble you have and the severity of the lippage. Please contact us on 0207 193 0143 to speak to a professional directly.