Maintaining Marble

maintaining Marble


Marble is a beautiful and versatile stone and with a sensible cleaning and maintenance routine will last for several life times. The best product to use for weekly cleaning is stone soap. A capful in a bucket will help maintain the shine and lifespan of your marble. Its very important to keep the surface clean of dirt and abrasive materials from outside. A rubber mat at the entrance to your floor will help remove debris from shoes before walking on the marble surface. Most importantly avoid household cleaning products on your marble floor, and try not to use too much water when cleaning the marble.


maintaining marble

It is also very important to seal your marble with a high quality professional sealer. This will help prevent wear and damage to the marble and will protect the marble from staining. Marble is highly absorbent so sealing is particularly important to protect this type of stone. Liquids spilled on any marble surface should be mopped up very quickly, and where staining occurs it can be removed with a marble stain remover.

Marble should be re-polished every year, depending on the amount of traffic. But periodic marble polishing from from The Marble Cleaning Company will ensure, not only a beautiful shine, but also will prevent re-soiling and deterioration of your marble.


For marble sealing and maintenance products we recommend professional use products, which can be obtained from


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