Stone Cleaning Services Care Products Sealers LondonFinding the right stone contractor can be tricky. There are many contactors to choose from and only a very few who really have the relevant experience to restore Natural stone floors and surfaces. Many inexperienced contractors will use cheap chemicals to artificially shine your floors, which will look great for a short period of time, but which will ultimately damage your flooring and lead to costly restoration services in the future.


So finding the right contractor with the right equipment and experience in the first place, will save you time, money and alot of headache.


We, at The Floor Restoration Doctors, pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the number of high profile maintenance contracts we carry out stand testament to the regard in which we are held in our industry. We carry out work on a number of 5 star London hotels, [As above] and landmark commercial premises, as well as offering services to the residential sector. All our staff are experienced and highly trained professionals.


We would be happy to quote you for any works you require so please do not hesitate to contact us. 





Natural Stone Cleaning Services Care Products Sealers LondonNatural stone comes in a variety of different colours, and from a number of different countries around the world. It has been used for centuries, and its versatility and beauty means it has been used for number of applications, namely in sculpture and architecture. However its main use is in flooring, and restoring and maintaining a beautiful Natural stone floor is what we do best.



The methods used to repair and restore your stone flooring depend to some degree on the type of stone you have. For example pure Cream, such as Moleanos stone from Portugal, is a result of the metamorphism of pure Natural stone. Whereas the swirls in Some Natural stone is the result of a high magnesium content. These various impurities have been mobilized and re-crystallized by the intense pressure of the metamorphism. Your Natural stone floor need to be maintained in order to keep its beauty, but no Natural stone is the same. This is why an experienced stone restorer needs to understand the makeup of your stone so he can adapt the restoration process to suit your stone floor.