Wood floor restoration services

wood floor restoration

There's no doubt that a newly restored wood floor looks beautiful. Customers are always amazed to see their scratched and worn wood floors transformed within a few hours, looking as good as the day it was laid. 

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Latest Machinery

We use only the best dust free floor sanding machines. Customers homes are left clean and dust free and wood floors are left flat and smooth with no scratches. All floors are finished with the best finishing products for a beautiful rich finish.


Our wood floor restoration services are offered to businesses and home owners alike. Whether you have a commercial premises or a living room in need of our services, we will always finish the floors to the highest possible standard. 


We can help 

We are always available to customers for advise on their restoration projects. Wood floors are sometimes in need of repair and replacement and we can assure all our customers that we are able to help with all your requirements.


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Our approach 

Our team of wood floor restoration professionals are experts in this field. They understand the importance of your wood floor and they know how it has to be treated in order to last and look a million dollars. They will only use the latest dust free floor sanding machinery and they carry different machines depending on the type of wood flooring you have. Every wood floor is different. Some customers are taking up their carpets to reveal floor boards that need sanding and finishing for a beautiful modern finish to their home. Some customers have parquet flooring which needs repair and replacement and a professional floor sander that has the right machine to sand this type of flooring. But whatever your requirements every wood floor is left smooth, clean and beautifully finished, looking as good as new.     

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For commercial premises we are able to carry out floor restoration works at night time or weekends, so as to minimise any interruption to the working day. We can also be flexible with our finishes, from polyurethanes to oils so that most floors can be used the very next day.




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