Marble Floor Restoration services

Marble floor restorationWe specialise in the cleaning, sealing, polishing and repair of all types of Marble floors. We can also remove scratches and lippage using the diamond polishing system.

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What we do 

Marble floor restoration

Cleaning & Polishing

All floors that have been laid for some time are in need of some type of polishing service. Constant traffic on your marble floors can cause them to become dull and lack lustre, with even minor scratching. We will be able to clean and re-polish your marble floors so they look as good as the day they were laid. At The Floor Restoration Doctors we only use experienced and professional marble masons on your floors. For a free quotation or just some advise please call us on 0207 193 0143.


Marble floor restoration

Marble Vitrification 

Marble floors that needs a high polish, but importantly a slip resistant finish need to be vetrified. Floors in commercial buildings and 5 star hotels are finished in this way. But more and more domestic households are choosing this type of marble restoration. The beautiful high polish, along with the slip resistance means that is it not only beautiful, but also practical and safe. We offer this marble restoration service to both commercial and domestic clients alike and works can be carried out at night time, if required. Please call us for a free quotation on 0207 193 0143 


Marble floor restoration

Marble Honing

Some clients require a honed, or non polished surface on their marble floors. We are able to carry this out to the highest standard. We use only the latest state of the art machines to ensure a smooth and flat surface. Floors are finished with a professional sealer or impregnator to ensure the marble is safe from staining or spills. Please call us for a free quotation on 0207 193 0143

Marble Floor Restoration

Diamond Polishing

Marble floors with deep scratching or new floors which have been laid with a lot of lippage require diamond polishing. This is carried out using professional machines and going through various grades of diamond pads over and over again until the marble is ground down and re-polished just as it would be in a factory. This requires a professional and experienced marble restoration mason and at The Floor Restoration Doctors you can be sure that we only have the very best marble masons with the experience to carry this out. Please contact for a free quotation on 0207 193 0143