Honing Marble



honing marbleHoning a floor is achieved using diamond pads, attached to a rotary marble floor machine. The process is carried out with water so its free from dust. The process in effect removes the marble surface so will also remove any in-ground dirt, debris or scratches.  


After your floor has been honed, its important to seal the marble properly in order to prevent any staining or water damage.  

Honing your marble floor should only be done by a specialist marble restorer like us. 

honing marbleCommercial premises will more often than not decide to crystallise the floor. This in effect puts a non-slip artificial polish on the marble's surface. The result is a surface protected non-slip floor which looks amazingly beautiful. The floor will still keep its high shine surface but it will be safe for the public and will offer a high degree of protection against scratching and pitting. The drawback, however, is that the floor will have to be regularly maintained, and how regularly will depend on the type of premises. This option is the type of finish you usually see in top 5 star hotels, but is becoming more and more popular in residential premises.



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