Marble cleaner / stone soap 5 litre
Code:   (marble cleaner)

Marble cleaner / stone soap - 5 litre bottle

One of the strongest and most effective professional daily marble cleaners available. Not sold in shops, this is the most cost affective way to purchase stone soap - You save 30% when you buy the 5 litre bottle, rather than the 1 litre bottle. 

This is a very affective marble cleaner for daily cleaning of your marble surfaces and floors. It is important that you use a marble cleaner on your marble surfaces and not just any cleaner. This is specifically designed to clean your marble affectively without damaging the marble surface.

Unlike the cleaners purchased through normal retail outlets, this is a very strong marble cleaner and must be diluted before use - It is pure stone soap and therefore should last you for quite a while - do not use neat.



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